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Homestay Janda Baik

Only 45 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the city, near GentingHighlands and Bukit Tinggi Resort, Janda Baik, sure to draw you and your family peace.

About Homestay Janda Baik

Home mother is a conscious retreat freshness of nature and villageatmosphere will be felt by all visitors who come hereIn addition to our family house provides 4 chalets, a detached chalet chalets and twospecially designed huts of bamboo, each visitor will be able to feelthemselves like they are during the times of our ancestorscan be said to be during the times of using the lamp-lightNot forgetting also heard the murmur of the river water that roared and reconcile, thus making us feelbeing in a place that we can not be conceived as being in a place sobeautiful and peaceful.

Teratak Bonda.
Teratak Bonda is not just a place to conduct business activities but alsoas a place to unite the relationship between the family and local residents.Each visitor will be able to feel his own excitement at being here while relaxing with your loved ones.

Rafting Janda Baik style.
Clean river water.

Self-contained homestayReconcile and themed holiday villageatmospherePak Lang contact us 017-7396778

General information
  • A large house that can accommodate 2-3 families
  • A detached chalet
  • Two bamboo chalets
  • Near the river
  • Well-equipped facility
  • Atmosphere of peace and harmony
 Among the activities available:
  • Jungle trekking to waterfalls upstream tampit
  • Fishing
  • Treasure Hunt
  • BBQ
  • Nets at night
  • And many more (on guest request)
contact :
Ms. Aton Hajah Binti Ali
Tel : +6019-299 1994 / +609-233 0434
Fax : +609 - 233 0459
Address : Homestay Janda Baik, No. 100 B, Kampung Janda Baik, 28750Bentong, Pahang.

Fishing pond at Sum-Sum Valley.

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  1. Best nampaknya.Banyak tempat rekreasi utk beraktiviti.
    Bila Ke Kota Bharu
    Inap Di Aliff Guest House
    Call/Sms : 0139296442 ( Ray )

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